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Step up to Advanced Sleep Dentistry

April 10th & 11th 2015

Embassy Suites, Columbus, Ohio Airport

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Step up to Advanced Sleep Dentistry

October 23rd & 24th 2015

Embassy Suites, Columbus, Ohio Airport

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Step up to Advanced
Sleep Dentistry

April 1st & 2nd 2016
October 21st & 22nd 2016

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Fall 2014 Step Up to
Advance Sleep Dentistry Course

This nine disc set features over 10 hours of presentations.

Dr. James Metz:
Introduction; Fip Chart; Pulse Oximetry; Minolta 300i; Case Studies 
Dr. Phillip LoSavio:
Evaluation Upper Airway Pathology & OSA
Dr. Steven Park:
Sleep & Breathing, The 2 Keys to Optimal Health and My OSA Treatment Philosophy & Algorithm; Surgical Options for OSA
Dr. Brian Vence:
Co-diagnosis Complex Treatment Plan Acceptence
Dr. Nelson Diers:
Orthodontics - Its Impact on Airway - Introduction & Advanced 
The Metz Center Team & Dr. James Blank:
Introductory Track & Staff Training 
Dr. Mickey Harrison:
Important Topics in Sleep Literature

The cost of this exclusive 9 DVD set is $579.

*Special Offer: Important Topics in Sleep Literature DVD is also available as a single purchase for $99.00

Understanding High Resolution Pulse Oximetry

Understanding High Resolution Pulse Oximetry

The six volume DVD set includes presentations about High Resolution Pulse Oximetry; The Three Parameters for Titration of a Mandibular Advancement Device and the Pulse Oximetry Book Patient Cases.

Total viewing time is about 7 hours

The cost of this special six DVD set is $350.00

Purchase the previous
"Step Up To Advanced
Sleep Dentistry"
Course DVD

Oral Appliance Therapy Consult Flip Chart
The Oral Appliance Therapy
Consult Flip Chart

Sleep Interrupted by
Dr. Steven Y. Park

Only $10 per book!
* free shipping in the USA


About ATS

The roots of the American Thoracic Society reach back to 1905, when a small group of physicians decided that the best way to improve care for tuberculosis patients was to share their experiences and discoveries. Today, the ATS has grown into an international society with more than 15,000 members. In this introductory section, you will find information about the people and programs that make the ATS the world's leading medical association dedicated to advancing our clinical and scientific understanding of pulmonary diseases, critical illnesses and sleep-related breathing disorders.

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The Metz Appliance - FDA Approved for OSA Treatment
The Metz Appliance - FDA Approved for OSA Treatment
The Metz Appliance
FDA Approved
for OSA Treatment
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Founded by James Metz, DDS, The METZ Center for Sleep Apnea Provides patients with a healthy alternative to treatment devices like the CPAP. Dr. Metz is a Diplomate with the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and has successfully treated hundreds of patients with sleep apnea utilizing the TAP appliance as an alternative or complement to CPAP. If you have patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are having difficulty utilizing the CPAP, the METZ Center can help. Our staff is specially trained in working with sleep apnea patients. In addition, we have the skill and technology to design a product that fits right and causes the least amount of discomfort and inconvenience for the patient.

State of the Art Dentistry demands that the Airway be protected!

Reconstructive dentistry must include the airway?
Reconstructive dentistry generally refers to any restorative dentistry procedure that involves replacing or repairing broken or missing teeth, bones, or tissue. True enough, but if the airway is not considered the result will less than ideal treatment. It has been shown that most patients who required complex restorative care damaged their dentition because of a compromised airway. If the airway is not treated….the beautiful new reconstruction is doomed to failure.

Full mouth reconstruction
THE BITE! Oh, how important it is to properly position the mandible in space. Once the jaw is properly aligned, relieving some of the pain caused by the TMJ syndrome then cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures (porcelain veneers, dental crowns, bridgework, dental implants, and onlays) are completed. The result is an attractive, pain-free new smile. Wait! Something else is required…Airway protection. Airway Protection will prevent much of the damage to this beautiful new smile we, as dentists, assumed was just going to happen. The bonus is that the residual pain from TMD will be alleviated in most every case.

Severe Dental Problems
Dental problems are not always just related to proper dental care. Medical issues can mask themselves as dental problems. Each year I evaluate more than 500 referred patients for complex issues. The issues include diffuse pain, severely deformed occlusions, difficult and demanding personalities, medically compromised patients, broken implants, deteriorating long-span fixed restorations, and “head scratchers”. The practice is focused around the treatment of this patient group.

TMJ/TMD Syndrome
I have more than a 35-year history of successfully treating the TMJ/TMD patient. Our success rate is more than 90%, utilizing traditional splints. However, many of these patients have a compromised airway in addition to their pain problem. Actually, the pain is secondary to the airway problem. We will screen your patient for airway deficiencies. Resolving the airway has increased our success rate for the patient with head pain issues. Another factor is cost. Compared to most comprehensive TMD/TMJ treatment plans, you will find that our fees are very reasonable. We are in-network for OSU insurance (NGS) for Obstructive Sleep Apnea appliances and the only in-network provider for TMJ/TMD care.

“Nice Matters and so do you and your patients”

The Metz Appliance is a mandibular repositioning oral appliance used to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Download the Metz Appliance FDA Reference Manual


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